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Ganamrutha Bodhini [Sangita Bala Padam]

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Ganamrutha Bodhini [Sangita Bala Padam]

This book is a handy tool for beginners of Carnatic music who wish to study music on orthodox lines.It has all a basic Carnatic music learner requires and the student can learn from the book without any difficulty.The explanations are given in English language. They are perfect guides in Carnatic music.
About the Author
Sangeetha Vidvan Sri A.S. Panchapakesa Iyer was a musician of great repute. He had established himself as a meritorious performer, a guru who was revered and respected by his students, and a compiler of a number of varnams and the kritis of different composers. Other than the instructional books, Panchapakesa Iyer has authored about 40 books in four languages including the one on theoretical music - Karnataka Sangeetha Shastra. For any beginner in Carnatic music, Ganamrutha Bodhini is a well-known book. It is the first book of the musical alphabet. The graded versions of the books for learners are Ganamrutha Varnamalika and Ganamrutha Keerthanamalika. A. S. Panchapakesa Iyer who authored these books, was a brilliant teacher. He taught music at Rasika Ranjani Sabha, Mylapore, and Chennai for over three decades. His method of teaching music to students of different capabilities and talents made his books special. These books are available in many languages. They are not just translations,but personally notated by Iyer, in all the languages.
Product Details
This book consists of saralivarisaigal,alankaras,geethas and swarajathis. This book is a handy tool for beginners of Carnatic music who study music on orthodox lines. It is the first book of the musical alphabet.It also contains meaning of Geethams. The explanations are given in English language
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Ganamrutha Prachuram
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Book - Paper Back
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23.3x17.3x0.4 cm