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Karnatic Music Reader - 4 Parts

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Karnatic Music Reader - 4 Parts

Karnatic Music Reader has 4 books in total. This book is very useful for people who wish to learn Karnatic music from its base. It contains the fundamentals of Karnatic music. It covers various musical forms of alankaram, gitam ,svarajathi and jatiswaram, various parts of varnams, kirtanas. It also covers the musical forms like daru varnam, padam, tillanas, tana varnas, javali, ragamalika, utsava sampradaya keertanas, tirupugazh, kavadi chindu etc. These compositions potray the varied facets of Karnatic music.
About the Author
Dr.S.Bhagyalekshmy hails from a family of musicians from Kerala. She took her music education in Carnatic music from H H College for Women in Trivandrum and took her master degree in music from the University of Kerala. As a musicologist she has edited several books and learned articles in the areas of Carnatic Music in English and Malayalam. Her books have been well received and considered as basic reference source material in understanding Carnatic Music.
Product Details
The Karnatic Music Lessons is been presented in a systematic manner starting from the fundamental lessons like saralivarisa, jantavarisa, alankanam, gitam, swarajathi, jatiswaram, 34 adi tala varnam,14 ata tala varnam, 5 pada varnam, 40 keertanas of various composers of Karnatic music like Tyagaraja, Muthuswamy Dikshithar, Syama Sastri, Swati Tirnual, Vasudevachar, Patnam Subramania Iyer and Daru Varna, Pada, Tillana, Javali, Ragamalika, Divyanamavali, Thiruppugazh, Thevaram, Kavadi Chindu, Utsava Sampradaya Keertanas. These lessons help in achieving a fundamental base for the learners of Karnatic Music.
Publisher Details
CBH Publications, Nagercoil
Product Type
Book - Paper Back
Sixth Reprint 2015 - Volume I & II / Fifth Edition - 2018 - Volume III / Third Edition - 2007 - Volume IV
Product Weight (in grams)
Product Dimensions
24 cm x 18 cm x 2 cm (4 parts)