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Ever Green (Lyrics and Notation of Carnatic Classical Songs)

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Ever Green (Lyrics and Notation of Carnatic Classical Songs)

About the Author
Vidwan T.H.Thiyagarajan has collected popular songs in Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada .wrote them down in notation and published them to be sold at an affordable price.He has furnished full pronunciation marks, he has also added the raga names ,thalas,arohana and avorohana and the name of the composers.
Product Details
This book aims at rendering service to rasikas and learners who are interested in some popular krithis that are ever green in memory.These are presented in the diacritical roman script that enables the music lovers to read and learn the Krithis with ease and confidence.Learners of any mother tongue can use this book and feel the soul satisfaction of learning and rendering them.
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SN Publications
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Book - Paper Back
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24x18x0.4 cm