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The evolution of Musical compositions can be traced even in the Puranas and Epics in a refined format. The earliest composers of Indian Music Jayadev, Annamacharya and others have attempted the selected type of musical forms. This book containing notations for a select number of published and unpublished Ragamalikas would fulfill the long required needs of music lovers and dancers.
About the Author
Gowri, hailing from Pudukottai in Tamil Nadu that was a seat of music before Independence, Gowri recalls her life literally soaked in melody as she grew up under her strict grandmother and maternal uncle Muthukrishnan who was the man behind the acclaimed Pudukottai Sangeetha Sabha. My uncle was a landlord and possessed a massive bungalow that stretched to two roads. Every star musician coming over to perform in the entire Chettinad region there stayed upstairs at this ancient villa. I was fortunate enough to lodge myself at the stairs for hours and listen to the practice sessions of vidwans, even as I was entrusted with the responsibility of serving tea and eatables! GNB was my uncle classmate and I learned several compositions informally from him. I was only five when I heard T.R. Mahalingam practice his soulful Yadukula Kambodhi and Kedara Gowla at midnight.
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Dr.Gowri Kuppuswamy and Dr.M.Hariharan Ragamalikas denote a genre of musical compositions which are couched in a series of ragas instead of the same ragas throughout the compositions. It represents the novel platform for the composer and the musician to present his expression of musical thought. 26 Ragamalikas of Various composers like Purandaradasar, Maharaja Swathi Tirunal, Pattanam Subramanya Iyer, Veena Kuppayyar, Muthuswamy Dikshitar, Seetharamayya, Karur Dakshinamurthi, Subbarama Dikshitar, Periyaswami Thooran, Jayadevar, have been well notated with text and notation in Tamil have been given. The ragamalikas portrayed in this volume depict the growth and development of Ragamalikas as well. a well-written introduction on the evolution of Raga malikas, its character and presentation have been undertaken.
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CBH Publications, Nagercoil
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Book - Paper Back
First Published 2002
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21 cm x 13.5 cm x 0.5 cm