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Ragas In Carnatic Music

This book Ragas in Carnatic Music is a compilation of different types of Ragas in music,its origin,evolution and development and description of raga Lakshanas.It also gives description on srutis and svaras,mela classification,janya raga classification and ragas in other systems of music.Raga Lakshana is one of the important chapter of this book.Almost all major compositions of major and minor composers have been listed in this book.
About the Author
Dr.S.Bhagyalekshmy hails from a family of musicians from Kerala. She took her music education in Carnatic music from H H College for Women in Trivandrum and took her master degree in music from the University of Kerala. As a musicologist she has edited several books and learned articles in the areas of Carnatic Music in English and Malayalam. Her books have been well received and considered as basic reference source material in understanding Carnatic Music.
Product Details
More than 450 popular ragas in Carnatic music have been compiled in this volume. Each raga has been explained in detail with its svara notation, Arohana, Avarohana, Melakartha and Janya parentage,Raga Lakshana, and visesha sanchara.Each raga contains details about the compositions available in each raga with the name of the composer and tala.
Publisher Details
CBH Publications, Nagercoil
Product Type
Book - Paper Back
First Published 1991 Ninth Reprint - 2015
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21.3 cm x 13.8 cm x 1.5 cm