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Sangita Bala Padam - Vol - 2 Varnam

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Sangita Bala Padam - Vol - 2 Varnam

This book contains all the forms and classification of Varnams such as Ata tala{including Chathurasra Ata Tala} and Adi tala varnams, one Pancha Nadai Varnam and a handful of Pada Varnams. It also contains the meaning of each Varnam. There is a chapter consisting of Janyaraga Kramas which effectively guides the students towards enriching his/her musical repertoire. Aspiring musicians and music practitioners will find this book very useful as it contains the choicest of Varnams.
About the Author
GIRI Publications division has brought out several handy multilingual books dovetailing most of the Hindu mantras and hymns in printed form to assist all those who wish to get a feel of positive vibrations for the mind by individually reading them. This function is taken a step further by publishing KAAMAKOTI - a Tamil periodical containing articles that remind the devoted about India hoary traditions and the scientific basis of all her cultural practices. The company offsprings are GIRI Koluppadi - A Revolutionary Multi-Purpose Rack Facility in Plastic GIRI Fine Arts- Nurturing Young and Fresh Talents by providing them Opportunities to perform Lakshmi Giri Charitable Trust - A Trust founded in the name of the Founder Wife for Philanthropic Activities Even as the company gently reminds its clientele to find their ancient roots, it has kept pace with modernity. All its showrooms have computerized billing facilities. Its backend offices have a computer terminal at every work station. The company motto is Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha! which means justice accords safety to those who protect it.
Product Details
This book contains all the forms and classification of Varnams such as Atatala and Adi tala Varnams. one Pancha Nadai Varnam and a handful of Pada Varnams Other categories in this book are janyaraga Kramas and meaning of each Varnam. Sangeeta Bala Paadam Part 2. This book is a must for music students who reach the second stage in the study of Carnatic Music.
Publisher Details
Giri Trading Agency Private Limited, Chennai
Product Type
Book - Paper Back
First Edition 2017
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24cm x 18cm x 0.5cm