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SEASON PASS allows you to choose concerts of your favourite artists across different Sabhas in Chennai and Pre-Book them at one go! The whole process will take just 15 minutes.

Imagine the time and effort saved!

Pre-Book and earn discount of 10% on total ticket value.
This offer is valid only for bookings for 3 concerts or more.

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Terms & Conditions

1. All tickets are subject to availability at the respective Sabhas. Music of Madras does not guarantee availability of tickets.
2. Music of Madras does not get any preferential treatment from any Sabha for availability of tickets. It follows the same procedure that any fan/rasika will follow to obtain tickets.
3. Based on the Pre-Bookings, Music of Madras will obtain the manual tickets from the respective Sabhas and deliver the tickets to you either at your address or at the venue before the event starts.
4. If, for any reason, Music of Madras is unable to obtain the tickets Pre-Booked by a user, the amount paid by the user will be refunded in full to the account/card through which the pre-booking was done.
5. Sometimes, tickets for the events pre-booked by a user may be sold out or unavailable for any other reason. Such non-availability may be known only at the time of opening of sale of tickets for the particular event by the respective Sabha.
6. Cancellation can be done at any time before the tickets are obtained from the respective Sabha. Cancellation charges will be 10% inclusive of applicable GST.
7. Refunds will be made only to the account/card through which the pre-booking was done.
8. Facilitation and other charges, if any, are inclusive of applicable GST.
9. Music of Madras will not be liable for cancellation, postponement or re-scheduling of any event pre-booked by a user.